27th September 2006 – Batman Legends


An original vintage comic in good condition.

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An original, vintage comic in good condition, dated 27th September 2006.

Batman Legends

Batman Legends (retitled to simply ‘Batman’ for its third and fourth volumes) was a monthly anthology comic book series published in the UK by Titan Magazines as part of their DC Comics ‘Collector’s’ Edition’ range.

Initially published by Panini Comics for 41 issues between October 2003 and November 2006, Titan subsequently took over publication with the launch of the comic’s second volume.

The title reprinted Batman-related comics originally published by DC Comics in the United States, typically including three stories per issue in a serialised format.

Batman Legends was the first DC Collector’s Edition published for the UK and followed Panini’s successful Marvel Collector’s Editions.

Titan followed their own success with several other DC titles, including Superman Legends, Justice League Legends, DC Universe Presents Batman Superman, Batman: The Dark Knight, Arrow, DC Super Heroes: The Flash, DC Comics Showcase: Supergirl and DC Legends: Wonder Woman. Titan also published a Batman Annual in August 2013.

Titan ceased publication of all their DC Comics titles in December 2018, ending a fifteen-year run for ‘Batman’.

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