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Private Eye is a British fortnightly satirical and current affairs news magazine. Founded in 1961, the magazine is published in London and edited by Ian Hislop since 1986.

Widely recognised for its prominent criticism and lampooning of public figures, it is also known for its in-depth investigative journalism into under-reported scandals and cover-ups.

Private Eye is the best-selling current affairs magazine in Britain. Such is its long-term popularity and impact that many of its recurring in-jokes have entered popular culture.


The forerunner of Private Eye was The Salopian, a school magazine. Published at Shrewsbury School in the mid-1950s it was edited by Richard Ingrams, Willie Rushton, Christopher Booker, and Paul Foot.

After National Service, Ingrams and Foot went as undergraduates to Oxford University. There they met future collaborators including Peter Usborne, Andrew Osmond, and John Wells.

The magazine proper began when they learned of a new printing process, photo-litho offset. This meant that anybody with a typewriter and Letraset could produce a magazine.

The publication was initially funded by Osmond and launched in 1961. It is generally agreed that Osmond suggested the title, and sold many of the early copies in person, in London pubs.

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