8th to 14th February 1958 – T.V Fun


An original vintage edition of T.V Fun comic.

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An original vintage edition of T.V Fun for the week dated 8th to 14th February 1958.

T.V Fun was a weekly newspaper format comic published by Amalgamated Press.

It was launched on 19 September 1953 as a sister title to Film Fun and Radio Fun. A total of 312 issues were published.

It absorbed Tip Top and Jingles in 1954, becoming T.V Fun, Tip Top and Jingles for a few weeks.

In 1959 it was renamed TV Fun and Romance in Pictures and was retooled as a romance comic. Later the same year it was renamed T.V Fan, and merged into Valentine on 30 January 1960.

Strips included;

The Adventures of Reg Varney as a Boy, Big Hearted Arthur (Reg Parlett), Calling Z.9, Diana Decker, First Love, Hoofer the Tee-Vee Gee-Gee (Roy Wilson), Inventors Circle, Jack Warner, Jimmy Edwards, Max Bygraves, Put Your Question, Roar With the Lyons, Sally Ann Howes, Sally Barnes, Shirley Eaton, Summer Heartbreak, Sweet Words of Love, The Traveller’s Tales and Wagon Train.

Information source – British Comics website.

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