25th February 1989 – Bunty


A  vintage original comic in good condition.

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An original edition of Bunty dated 25th February 1989 in good condition.

Bunty comic

Bunty was a British comic for girls published by D. C. Thomson & Co. from 1958 to 2001.

It consisted of a collection of many small strips, the stories typically being three to five pages long.

As well as the weekly comic, Christmas and summer annuals were published. Bunty published 2,249 issues, and went monthly in 2001 before ceasing publication after a further 5 months.

In contrast to earlier and contemporary comics, it was aimed primarily at working-class readers under the age of 14, and contained mostly fictional stories.

Layout and features

The average issue of Bunty contained several short comic-strip stories, broken up by letters pages, competitions, featured readers, puzzle pages, promotions, next-week previews or advertisements. The back page initially featured a cut-out doll and paper clothes, which eventually gave way to a wall poster.

Melody Lee – A Dancer She’ll Be

Melody Lee was abandoned as a baby and has two goals in life, to become a ballet dancer and to find her mother. This strip was the inspiration for the song Melody Lee by English Punk Rock band The Damned written by Ray Burns AKA. Captain Sensible.

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