22nd May 1976 – Whizzer and Chips


An original vintage comic in good condition.

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An original vintage edition of Whizzer and Chips, dated 22nd May 1976, in good condition.

Whizzer and Chips

Whizzer and Chips was a British comics magazine that ran from 18 October 1969 to 27 October 1990, when it merged with the comic Buster. As with most comics of the time, Whizzer and Chips was dated one week ahead of the day it actually appeared on newsstands in Great Britain.

The format of Whizzer and Chips was to have the comic divided into two separate parts, a novel idea at the time. One part was called Whizzer and the other was called Chips, with Chips existing as a separate pull-out section in the middle.

The slogan was “Two comics in one, double the fun!”. It had no relation to earlier British comic Illustrated Chips. In the offices at Fleetway, it was always regarded as one comic.

In common with most British comics of the time, both sections originally had some of their strips printed in semi-colour using black, white, and red (duotone), with others in plain black and white.

To reinforce the distinction between the two sections, the duotone strips in Chips were later changed to black, white, and blue. Whizzer and Chips went full colour on the week of 4 May 1990.

The comic Knockout merged with Whizzer and Chips on 30 June 1973, as did Krazy in 1978, Whoopee! in 1985 and finally Scouse Mouse in 1989.

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