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Whoopee! comic

Whoopee! was a British comic book magazine that ran from (issues dates) 9 March 1974 to 30 March 1985, when it merged with Whizzer and Chips.

It was published by IPC Magazines Ltd and ran for 572 issues.

The first issue of Whoopee! ran to forty pages, with a free gift in the form of a ‘squirter ring’. The strapline exhorted potential readers to “Get happy – get this paper!”.

Shiver and Shake merged with Whoopee! shortly after its launch in 1974, followed by Cheeky in 1980 and Wow! in 1983. Whoopee! annuals continued to appear well into the late 1980s, and a Best of Whoopee! monthly reprints comic was published for a few years in the early 1990s.

Extract from Whoopee comics entry on Wikipedia

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