GPO Telephone – circa 1984 – working order


An original vintage 1980’s telephone in great condition and good working order.

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An original vintage 1980’s telephone in great condition and working order.

Tele. 8746 Ivory

Manufactured in 1984 and still in use today, having been converted to use the ‘New Plan’ plug and socket system.

History – GPO telephones

Until 1982 the GPO had a monopoly on the provision of all telephone lines and telephones within the UK, other than in Kingston upon Hull, and so the range was limited.

Customers (known within the GPO as “subs”, being short for ‘subscribers’) did not buy their telephones, they were rented from the GPO, together with the house wiring and the wiring connecting the house to the local network at a connection point known as a DP (distribution point).

The majority of DPs were (and still are) at the top of what are still known in the UK as telegraph poles.

For more information on GPO telephones visit Wikipedia

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